Personalised Home Based Orientation Service

In early childhood, crying, tantrums, or clinginess are healthy reactions to separation. However, the intensity level and timing of separation anxiety vary tremendously from child to child. Although it can be difficult, separation anxiety is a normal stage of development. With understanding and coping strategies, separation anxiety can be relieved for both parent and child.

However, anxieties can intensify or are persistent in many young preschoolers and often enough, it gets in the way of school or other activities, especially for kids attending school for the first time.

This is where, Big Foot Pre School’s Personalised Home Based Orientation Service will help ease your child’s fears and make him or her feel safer and more confident on the first day of school.

Big Foot Pre School believes in working with parents as partners. We provide this Personalised Home Based Orientation Service to all young children who have separation anxiety, especially the new comers.

We work closely with parents and make visits to their homes a few times before the child’s first day of school. These visits are made by the centre principal and the class teacher. Time is taken to engage and interact with the child through purposeful play, storytelling or interesting activities such as craft/dough play so that a bond is fostered in the comfort of the child’s home. Plenty of encouragement, patience and consistence is displayed so that the child feels confident and mentally & emotionally prepared as the first day of school approaches.

When the child comes to school on his/her first day, he /she sees familiar faces and feels safe and confident. This will boost the mental and emotional states of both the child and parents. Parents can go to work stress free and happy.

This out of the box initiative was featured all across the local news on 8th December 2016 for being the only one in Singapore to be providing such service.

“The idea is not to eliminate anxiety completely as it is a healthy part of growing. The aim is to reduce the stress levels for both the child and parents and create a happy experience for both. Having this personalised home based orientation, we create a bond in that way so that it builds confidence in the child. We are also able to build a relationship with the parents. This makes everybody around the child very comfortable so that when the kid come to school on the first day, he/she sees familiar faces. For the parents, they leave knowing that he/she has gone in with a happy face and they get to go work stress free”

–Ms Rai, Director, Big Foot Pre School

“For the first couple of weeks, I was literally almost camping outside the school for 20minutes at least because she ws clinging onto me and crying and it was really dramatic. And I think this programme will be great because it will hopefully minimise the stress level. I wish that this sort of service was available in the past"

–Cynthia Tan, Big Foot Pre School Parent