Kindergarten 1 - Koala

    At this age the kid builds up an investigative trait. They have a heightened perception of their environment and are able to co-relate and react to events happening around them on a fundamental level. Their physical abilities soar and thus activities at this level are projected to consider their increased need for knowledge, movement and to continue to feed their curiosity.

    The purposeful play programme is aligned to all our learning materials and sessions with our 3Cs model; Creativity, Concentration and Curiosity. Thus, each area allows the child to learn and develop at their natural pace and values the child's individual strengths.

    Intellectual Development through purposeful play;

    • Language Development; Language becomes structured and advanced content is introduced to the children. Phonemic and phonological awareness such as rhyming, blending, songs and word games make for a fun and engaging lesson. Children are also introduced to digraphs, word families and ‘tricky words’. Using sensory tubs we encourage creative story telling through their imagination.
    • Literature; As their vocabulary, language and comprehension ability strengthens they are thought to think out of the box. They are introduced to building up their own songs and rhymes, placing the rhyme sequence in order, barrier games for the importance of listening skills and to insure the right use of the words. At this stage apart from books, simple newspaper articles are introduced and children begin to learn parts of the newspaper and discuss simple topics of the day.
    • Sensorial & Conceptual learning.

    • Scientific phenomena are explored through investigative work, experiments and classifications.
    • Mathematical concepts such as addition, subtraction, measurements and number bonds are taught.
    • Self Help Skills:

    • Self-grooming - they are encouraged to dress themselves and keep themselves neat and tidy
    • Helping with chores - they are encouraged to help the teachers, clear their tables, put away their toys, bags, shoes and water bottles on their own.
    • Character Building;

      Social and emotional development; For us this would be one of the most important areas, as a child's emotional well-being determines their ability to be a socially dynamic and an eager learner. Using activities we foster the confidence in kids to share their feelings, engage in deeper interactions with their friend, develop a positive self image and therefore nurturing their ability towards independence.
    • Improving Social Intelligence; At this age children tend to be quite impulsive as they are setting about to tone up their personalities, so we introduce Honesty, Responsibility and Fairness through everyday opportunities and have them understand the tact that is needed when communicating with others. We believe that instilling moral values, empathy and minding one's Ps and Qs should begin at an early age, so that these values stay on with the child for a long time to come. They are not "taught" to the children, instead we instil them in their everyday actions with us, so that it becomes a natural reflex for the children.
    • Our Dedication to you.

      Big Foot’s innovative and evidence based literacy programs are unique in these ways:

    • They promote creativity, interactive learning and child-centred activities.
    • Teachers impart concepts and are encouraging and promote the idea of self-learning.
    • Oral language, phonics, reading, comprehension, spelling and creative writing are all woven in; thereby making this a total literacy program.
    • Our Jolly Phonics programme is proven to help children perform at a level at least 1 year ahead of their academic year level.
    • Our literacy program for reading skills will afford your kids an appreciation of quality literature, increase comprehension & fluency & lead children to a lifelong love of reading!
    • Our programmes are catered for children of all learning abilities.
    • We believe that the tripartite relationship between the child, parents and staff is integral to the growth and development of the child. We place a great emphasis on ensuring that the learning environment is as conducive as possible to meet every child's needs and interest