Benefits of Music in Child Development

Singing and music play an important role in our culture. We find music present in many aspects of our lives: theater, television, movies, worship, holidays, celebrations, and ceremonies. At home, music can become part of our family culture – a natural part of our everyday experiences. From birth, parents instinctively use music to calm and soothe children, to express their love and joy, and to engage and interact. Parents can build on these natural instincts by learning how music can impact child development, improve social skills, and benefit kids of all ages. Music and the Brain: The Benefits of Music A 2016 study at the University of Southern California’s

Healthy Eating For Young Children

Encouraging children to eat a nutritious, balanced diet early on is important for a number of reasons. Ensuring they get the right vitamins and minerals in their diet will help them grow and develop optimally. They are also more likely to be energised and motivated, supporting their ability to learn. Educating them on healthy eating during childhood will also help them make healthier choices as they become adults. Despite the obvious benefits, we recognise that there can be challenges when it comes to healthy eating for kids. What does healthy eating mean for your child? The term ‘healthy eating’ is very broad and encompasses a range of areas, including the f

Importance Of Outdoor Play

Being outside is the perfect place for kids to be kids with the freedom to shout, jump, run, hop or skip. In fact, by taking your children outdoors and supporting their play, you can help their development. This article covers lots of information about the positive impact and importance of outdoor activities for kids. The importance of outdoor play for kids Big Foot Preschool strongly believes that outdoor play has great benefits for a child’s overall development. Young children need the opportunity to use their whole body and develop their gross motor skills. It's only when they have mastered these that they will be able to control their fine m

Benefits of Taekwondo for kids

Taekwondo is a total learning activity. There are many benefits that children reap from taekwondo. Big Foot Preschool provides quality instruction and service with a view towards the overall health and well-being of every child. Our philosophy ensures that learning will take place in a safe, nurturing environment. Our trainers are qualified and experienced taekwondo couches from Singapore Taekwondo Federation. How do children benefit? *Enhance self-esteem by heightening your physical and mental powers. *Build confidence by encouraging you to succeed and to take con

What is Speech and Drama?

Speech encourages communication and drama is an interesting way to express it. For the more reserved child, Speech and Drama develops and builds confidence, quelling the anxiety of public speaking, socializing with peers, and the fear of being ridiculed or standing out as the centre of attention. For exuberant children, Drama especially assists in channeling their energies through creative expression and innovative methods.The fantastic thing about Drama is that one piece of text can be interpreted in so many w

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